Andrew Alexander's Impact on the Comedy World

Andrew Alexander is a well known producer, comedy writer, and comedian at Second City comedy club. He’s also produced various comedy specials for well known comedians from Second City and other well known comedians as well. Without him the world of comedy in North America would likely look much different than it does today.

Andrew Alexander has been working with many comedians throughout the 80s to today. Mainly he met talent at Second City comedy club, but he also met comedy talent in various other ways too. He has worked with the classic well known comedians the versatile Martin Short, Dave Thomas, Ed Asner, the inspiration for the slimer ghost James Belushi, Chris Farley, Andrea Martin, the legendary John Candy, Shelley Long, Mike Myers aka Austin Powers, Bonnie Hunt, and Schitt’s Creek’s Catherine O’Hara. He even worked with the original Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Harold Ramis. He’s also worked with the more contemporary comedians talk show host Stephen Colbert, actor and comedian Steve Carell, and the comedian comedy writer Tina Fey. The list of talent he’s worked with is clearly very long and shows what a big impact he’s made in helping them develop their talents at Second City or with comedy shows he helped produce for them to work on.

His impact on comedy is unquestionable and clearly he helped launch many a comedy career. His contributions to the world of comedy show business in North America will not soon be forgotten.

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