A Recap of  John Ritenour’s Rise To Entrepreneurial Success

Looking back at the first step made in the last thirty years, IOA co-founder John Ritenour has made remarkable growth. Born and raised in Pennsylvania in a small town known as Mckeesport, John Ritenour did not have all the luxury, and he knows what it means to be poor. As a young boy, he dreamt of having good things; he wanted to create a better future for himself. Through self-determination, he finished school excellently and later joined a high school, where he met his future wife, Valli.

After school, he joined his brother in his bakery before he thought of other alternatives in the insurance industry. He started as a salesman and was promoted to top producer. Joining hands with Valli, his wife, they started their own insurance company by the late 1970s. They decided to move to Central Florida for better ventures and other opportunities that would knock their way. Eventually, through the strategic foundation, IOA was founded before known as insurance of Florida.

He desired to develop a new platform based on the worker’s output levels in their works, which was done by awarding resilient employees. The company today credits its employees with pleasing job earnings and providing opportunities for its employees. John Ritenour learned in the early beginning that his company grew to incorporate his employees in the journey. Each person’s idea is essential regardless of their position.

With his son Heath, they launched the Growing Leaders from the inside out, a program within IOA that helps the leaders through the workshops learn valuable virtues daily, including maturity and self-awareness. Creating a good working environment John Ritenour always focuses on four main principles they include: include Never give up, be respectful, be ethical, be a partner, codes that are adhered to by the IOA team,

The insurance office of America has grown topping around the insurance industry, winning many awards for its excellent services. Since then, it has expanded to more than sixty offices both in the United States and Ireland.

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